The Switch Lite is a Decent Device for Budget Buyers

Today Nintendo announced the Switch Lite, a cheaper, lightweight Switch that lacks several features, including hd rumble, detachable joycons, and stand and tv modes, making it a portable-only device. The device is priced at $199.99 and is available starting September 20, 2019.

To me this device makes a lot of sense. This is obviously not targeted towards existing Switch owners. If you already have a Switch, you have no reason to buy the Switch Lite. What this good for, however, is young children as a good introduction to the Switch as a cheap first console, or people on a budget looking to get into the Switch (who primarily want to use it in handheld mode)

With it's low price and commitment to being a good handheld device (including apparently having an average extra battery life of 1 hour) it's clear that this is a replacement for the 3DS, which also shows Nintendo's commitment to the Switch as the 1 stop shop console for everything. This is despite the fact that Nintendo has apparently stated that the 3DS isn't going anywhere. (Which roughly translates to "please don't stop buying 3DS consoles and kill whatever sales we still have on it, the Switch lite isn't out yet", which is similar to Nintendo's "third pillar" comment regarding the DS)

The timing for the Switch Lite's release couldn't be better as well. With it releasing in September, it's clearly Nintendo's big offering for the holiday season and will likely serve to introduce many new players to the Nintendo Switch ecosystem.

One last thing that I want to note is that in the advertising, Nintendo seems to demonstrate the Switch as a social, active lifestyle device, with much of the announcement video demonstrating people taking their Switch and Switch Lite consoles everywhere with them, and use of social features such as local wireless multiplayer. To me this not only further demonstrates the fact that Nintendo is trying to also market the Switch line to a more mature audience, but also shows to me that the Switch lite would be a perfect device for people always on the go or people who frequently travel.

I doubt this will be the only other iteration in what is now the Switch line, so only time will tell how the Switch evolves.

Junichi Masuda's Response to Dexit is a Terrible Nothing-Burger

After fan furor resulting from the decision to not include all pokemon in a mainline Pokemon game, we finally receive a official response from Gamefreak, directly from Junichi Masuda himself no less. Here's the statement as released on

"Thank you to all of our fans for caring so deeply about Pokémon. Recently, I shared the news that some Pokémon cannot be transferred to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. I've read all your comments and appreciate your love and passion for Pokémon.

Just like all of you, we are passionate about Pokémon and each and every one of them is very important to us. After so many years of developing the Pokémon video games, this was a very difficult decision for me. I'd like to make one thing clear: even if a specific Pokémon is not available in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, that does not mean it will not appear in future games.

The world of Pokémon continues to evolve. The Galar region offers new Pokémon to encounter, Trainers to battle, and adventures to embark on. We are pouring our hearts into these games, and we hope you will look forward to joining us on this new journey.

June 28, 2019

Junichi Masuda"

First of all, it's great to see that Gamefreak/The Pokemon Company is aware of the controversy and is responding to it. However, after reading it, I can't help but feel like this response is the worst one that they could've possibly made. What did this statement add, exactly? All this statement just does is restate their position. If anything, this is only helping to fuel the fire by reigniting the controversy.

This furor has been building for years. It didn't come out of nowhere. For years, fans have felt that each Pokemon game has been lazy, between cut features, copy/paste stories, low-fidelity graphics, low-effort animations, npcs, etc. Now, when you add this, in which a main series Pokemon game will not only allow you to transfer certain Pokemon, but also will flat-out not contain all Pokemon, which has been a staple of the series for well over a decade (gen 4 was the first generation to allow you to transfer Pokemon, but the Pokemon games have contained all previous Pokemon since Gold and Silver), of course people are going to be angry.

The Pokemon Company and Gamefreak has spent years of time, talk, and effort on how Pokemon were more than just data, on how people really loved and cherished their Pokemon, and why they would be able to take their Pokemon with them. The Pokemon Company and Gamefreak spent tons of time and effort to achieve this, between making future-proof models and animations for every single Pokemon, giving each game a transfer feature, and making services like Pokemon Bank and now Pokemon Home. It's hilarious to me that they announce Pokemon Home, a service to hold all your Pokemon (which will most likely be paid), and then a month later they announce a change that defeats the purpose of Pokemon Home, making it into more of a retirement home for your Pokemon than an actual storage service.

Furthermore, there is no justification in the game itself for this decision. Between it having the same low-fidelity graphics, the same basic, unchanging NPCs, the same basic, formulaic story, the same attack animations, and more. If this was a high-fidelity, upgraded Pokemon game, it would have a justification. But Pokemon Sword and Shield are none of those things, so those justifications do not exist.

Also, I might add that the statement has some concerning implications for the future of the Pokemon series. First, it seems to imply that there will not be a future update for the game post-launch that adds all the missing Pokemon, which is a flat-out denial of a major request that many fans have made. Furthermore, while the part in which Masuda states "even if a specific Pokémon is not available in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, that does not mean it will not appear in future games" might seem to be reassuring, it also implies that this is the future of the series. That never again will we see a Pokemon game that features all of the Pokemon that fans know and love, and rather that each game will have a rotating cast of Pokemon based on the region. That is a dangerous implication for the series, one that would turn off many fans from the series, would entirely defeat the point of Pokemon Home, and I feel would ultimately be harmful to the series as a whole.

I sincerely hope that Gamefreak sees where fans are coming from and realizes that the future of the series should not be one in which Pokemon are prevented from coming with their trainers in new games for artificial reasons. Such a future would be deeply destructive for the franchise. But I'm not holding my breath.

What's going on?

Alright, it's been a while since I've posted here, and so I think a few updates are in order. This post will be split into two sections: What's going on with specifically, and also what's going on with me in general (and why I've been so inactive in so many places).

What's going on with

So after a brief stint on NearlyFreeSpeech I've decided to move to a new host: Posthaven! Posthaven is a blogging platform and host with an incredibly simple business model: they keep your site running as long as you're willing to pay for it. For this reason, Posthaven is designed to last long and be sustainable. I've been wanting to move to a blogging platform for a while now (as I've come to find having to write static HTML to be a bit annoying, and I just want to focus on writing), so Posthaven was the perfect choice for me. Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of links have broken, and some stuff isn't available anymore. I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone, and I'll look into solutions for releasing most of it elsewhere.

However, this means that this is also a (semi) fresh start for! I'm going to try writing more regularly. I'll be primarily writing about my opinions about the tech and games industries. I'll try to write at least once a week but hopefully daily. I hope you enjoy!

What's going on with me? (and the future of my content)

Alright, so it's no secret that I haven't exactly been the most active. It's been a little over 3 months since I last wrote here, and about 2 months since I last uploaded on my YouTube channel. The most active places I've been are Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. So what's been going on? Well a number of things. First, I've been focusing on stuff going on in my personal life. As I'm getting older, I have more and more responsibilities and things to prepare for. I've also come to moderate several Discord servers, so I've been doing that. But the primary reason has largely been motivation. For the past 2 years, I've largely struggled with motivating myself. I have no idea what it is. I don't know if it's depression, or if it's extreme writer's block, or if it's just me being lazy. I don't know. But, I'm gonna make an honest-to-god effort to be more active in the future, and that's starting with this blog.

I'm hoping that with this blog, I can ideally forcefully jumpstart my motivation to create. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. We'll have to see. Either way, I'm excited to write here more.

Thank you to everyone for everything. Hopefully I'll be better about actually making things soon. is Moving Hosts

NOTE: This is kinda outdated. I'm on posthaven now.

In the next 24 hours, will be leaving Neocities and will be moving to as a web host. I’ve largely made this decision to move hosts for two reasons. First is that I’m generally dissatisfied with the management of Neocities, with site updates being few and far between and several features (IPFS being a notable one) not working. I’d rather use a host that is actively maintained. Secondly is that I want to have more control over my site, and not be limited solely to static sites. I’ve been looking at options for rebuilding in a static site generator or some sort of CMS.

Despite this, I still respect Neocities and its community. Neocities is a wonderful service and has helped me discover a passion for web design. Its community is also amazingly creative and talented. Thank you to Neocities for providing such a wonderful service.

Nintendo Finally Gives Up It's Rediculous Let's Play Policy

Yesterday Nintendo made the sudden announcement that they were giving up on the Nintendo Creators Program and were instead making it easier for online content creators to monetize their videos/livestreams. This is definitely a step in the right direction and I commend Nintendo for the change.

For reference on how Nintendo previously treated online content creators, Nintendo initially started lobbing Content ID claims at any YouTube channel that uploaded Nintendo content, taking all the revenue. Eventually, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Creators Program, where Nintendo would give 60% of videos claimed provided they met a number of guidelines, including no livestreaming, no mods, cheats, or TAS, and only playing a list of approved Nintendo games. It could also take 3 days for videos to be approved. This lead to many online content creators openly speaking out against Nintendo, and subsequently refusing to cover any Nintendo games.

Now regarding the new policy, from what I'm able to tell, this new policy is far more lenient with what you're allowed to do, and for the most part it seems reasonable. However, this turn is very strange. It's a complete 180 from a company that was just a few days ago cracking down on YouTubers left and right. What changed? Was newly promoted Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa responsible for this decision at all, considering he's quite a bit younger than many other higher ups at Nintendo? Was this a decision related to the ever-closer release of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Nintendo wanting to support a vibrant community of content creators? Did Nintendo realize that online content creators such as YouTubers and Twitch streamers can help bring positive press to their games? Was it a mixture of these reasons, or any others? We probably won't ever know.

Still, despite any past abuses and questions about why this change is being made, I'm glad Nintendo is going to stop being so aggressive towards online content creators.