A Note on 2019 (and The Entire 2010's)

As I'm writing this, 2019 is a little over an hour from ending in my timezone. So I figured I may as well write a blog post about it, as well as look back at the decade in general.

I'll be frank: 2019 was a rough year for me. I've struggled with depression and anxiety, and it really hit me hard this year, and resulted in my mental health taking a nose dive. Luckily though, I recently started seeing a therapist, and I'm hoping to improve my mental health over time. It's for these reasons, in addition to me working on finishing up high school, working on other things, and a couple other things, that I haven't really made much this year. I haven't delivered on any of the promises that I made at the end of 2018 for The FNaF Archive, I haven't written here as much as I planned to, and most importantly to me, I only uploaded 2 videos this year to my YouTube channel. I'm terribly sorry about all of this, and I hope to be better, and make more in 2020.

On the positives for this year however, I've applied to, and have been accepted to a few colleges, I started seeing a therapist to improve my mental health as mentioned earlier, and I've made major efforts to try and be a more empathetic and overall better person. I also came to run the official OverSimplified subreddit, and then subsequently create the official OverSimplified Discord server, alongside GamersVille101. I can say that this Discord server has really changed my life. I've never had this much responsibility over something online before, so this taught me a lot.

This decade was also incredibly important. It was this decade that I started my online persona, later becoming Retroity. I started my YouTube channel, and learned video editing, photo editing, web design, etc. The Retroity YouTube channel has put me on a career path I'm still going down. It was the decade that I joined the FNaF fandom, which significantly changed my life by allowing me to meet lots of wonderful and wonderfully talented people, and a place where I could be myself and have a purpose. It's also the decade that saw me creating the OverSimplified Discord server, and meeting several wonderful people.

So here's my shoutouts for this year, and this decade:

Chase88 - Thank you for so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of Ravenger, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for introducing me to many other friends. You're the best.

Chess46 - Thank you for sticking by me, and for being a good friend. Thank you for being willing to put up with me.

Kizzycocoa - Thank you for trusting me as a moderator for the FNaFLore Discord server and for generally just being really cool.

The Entire FNaF Fandom - Thank you for tolerating me, and for using The FNaF Archive, and it's predecessors. 

The OverSimplified Discord Moderator Team (GamersVille101, SharkSideOfTheMoon, Cobra, Doc, Swagbear, Tetra, & Vultige) - Thank you all for being super cool and for everything you do. You're all the best, and I couldn't ask for a better team. To GamersVille specifically: Thank you for coming to me with a proposal to make the Discord server. Without you none of this would've happened.

Every content creator that I've watched during this decade. Your stuff is the best, has significantly inspired me, and has helped me get through this year, and this decade.

Finally, thank you to everyone that has supported me during this year, and during this decade. You're all the best. Seriously, thank you all so much.

Here's to a good 2020, and here's to a good decade. Happy new years, everyone.