Hi! I'm Retroity. I'm a guy from Texas who likes to make things online for others to enjoy. I like to edit videos, and work on websites, among other things. For making videos, I edit in Adobe Premiere and make thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop. I also like to make websites, particularly static ones, as I'm pretty proficient in web design and working with HTML and CSS, and basic JavaScript. (Not good with CMS's or databases, beginner at PHP and trying to learn more back-end work like managing Linux servers)

You can find some of the videos that I've made over the years on my YouTube Channel. I've also done work for the Twitch Plays Pokemon YouTube Channel. (I'm responsible for uploading the highlights for HeartGold, Black, Blaze Black 2, and X)

I've also worked on a number of websites. I'm the creator and administrator of The FNaF Archive (the successor to the earlier FNaF Teaser Archive), the creator and lead developer of RetroPage, and I do webdesign work for I've also done moderation work for (particularly the forums, I now help moderate the Discord server).

I'm also one of the co-leaders of Ravenger, a group of friends who like to do things together and a label for us to release stuff under.

So that's what I do. I hope you enjoy what I create! You can find info on how to reach me through the contact page on this website.