Retroity is Now Partnered With TGN/BroadbandTV!

March 2, 2016

I’ve been doing YouTube for 2 years now, and in august, it’ll be 3 years. When I first started, I only had Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11, and a bunch of spare time. I made tons of random videos, making whatever I wanted. Overtime, I grew as a creator, and so eventually, I was tired of having a bunch of content that didn’t really represent me anymore. So I privated all my old videos and started over. So I started fresh with a central focus, and I started taking YouTube seriously. I eventually got tired of the name “Theawesome67” so I changed my channel name to a name that’s much better. Retroity. I’m working hard to grow my channel in to something that I can be proud of, something that I can look back to in 50-60 years and say “Wow, I did good there.”

Recently, I was approached by TGN/BroadbandTV about joining their network, and for a while, I was unsure. But, I joined. So, I’m proud to announce that I’m now a part of Broadband TV/TGN. What does that mean for the viewers? You’re probably asking. Well, nothing really. I’m still Retroity. Things are just gonna be different for me on my end. With this partnership, I have access to new tools to help me with YouTube, and, as my channel grows, I can put more and more time and effort into YouTube. I feel like this partnership is gonna be great for me.

Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting me since the beginning, I couldn’t of done any of this without any of you.