Now Supports HTTPS!

June 26, 2016

Since I created, back when it was known as, this site was using HTTP. No SSL, no encryption, no nothing. But, as the push for a 100% HTTPS web is growing, HTTPS is becoming more and more important. So when I set up cloudflare and saw an option for HTTPS, I decided to set it up. So now, now supports HTTPS, and HTTPS is enabled by default, even if you are coming from a old HTTP link. (Update: HTTPS is currently optional due to my webhost Neocities, but it will return as required on January 1st, 2017) This means that the connection between you and is encrypted. So it becomes harder for automated programs to get the content of this site and search it for keywords and block it from there. Although it isn’t much, I’m proud to help the push for a 100% HTTPS web.