will be going HTTPS only soon.

November 28, 2016

Recently, Neocities announced that all Neocities sites will be going HTTPS only, starting on January 1st, 2016. First I'd like to state that I applaud Neocities for supporting a fully secure web by going HTTPS only.

When goes HTTPS only, your connection to will be encrypted, and so will the information that is sent between you and the servers running This makes it harder for eavesdroppers to see what you're doing on this site. This changes nothing about how you browse but will simply make your experience more secure.

Now, here's how is preparing for this.

For starters, for a while now, has been using 2 lines of javascript code embedded on every page to redirect to the HTTPS version if the HTTP version of the site is loaded. However, this has proven to be ineffective and inferior to this being done server side, which is what Neocities is doing. To prepare for this change, this snippet of Javascript has been removed. As a result of this, will be temporarily be allowing connections using normal HTTP instead of redirecting to the HTTPS version. This is only temporary, and I suggest that you either manually go to the HTTPS version or use a browser extension like HTTPS Everywhere.

In addition, all the proper preparations have already taken place months ago to make 100% HTTPS compatible, preventing things like Mixed-Content Errors and things like that, so this transition to 100% HTTPS should occur very smoothly when that time comes.

That being said, I'm really looking forward to this change and can't wait for it, as the world slowly moves towards a 100% HTTPS web.

UPDATE: Neocities (and by extension has now gone 100% HTTPS. The transition is now complete.