Will Be Going Down For Maintenance Soon

April 12, 2017

NOTE: This post is outdated. The maintenance mentioned in this article has been completed. For historical reasons, this post will be kept up with this notice. will be going down for a while starting tomorrow, April 13, 2017 at around 5 PM GMT (or 12 PM PDT.) I don’t really have an estimate for how long the site will be back up. The reason for this maintenance is that over time, and how some things are handled have gotten really clunky and unorganized. So I’ll be making a lot of changes, mainly under the hood. Here’s what’s going to change:

These are all generally big changes, so the site will likely be down for a while. In addition to this, I’ll be experimenting with moving the site to Bootstrap 4. The move to Bootstrap 4 won’t occur during this maintenance, and will only take place once Bootstrap 4 hits the Beta 1 stage of development (it’s currently at the Alpha 6 stage)

I apologize for this downtime. I will be providing updates on my twitter, @Retroity. Thank You for your support!

UPDATE: The maintenance has now ended. Thank you for your patience!