With Apologies to Vinesauce

February 21, 2017

I should of wrote this post a very, very long time ago, but here we are. I'd like to formally apologize to Vinesauce, the Vinesauce streamers, and the Vinesauce community for an incident that I caused in 2014. Although it has been roughly 3 years since that incident, the guilt has not gone away.

In 2014, Jontron did a very brief stream on Twitch using the Playstation 4's built-in live-streaming ability. Once the stream ended, there were plenty of people left in the chat. For reasons that I don't remember, I directed those viewers to Vinesauce on Twitch, asking them to "raid" them. We did, and started spamming Jontron memes. It grabbed the attention of MentalJen, the Vinesauce streamer who was streaming at the time, who reacted. Eventually, it subsided. This is where it should of ended, but I went a bit further.

I apparently found what I did funny, and so I later downloaded the footage, edited it, and uploaded it to my YouTube channel, Retroity (then known as Theawesome67). It quickly got a lot of dislikes and general hate (and even a comment fron Joel, a Vinesauce streamer) and so, I took it down. I then realized that I was banned from Vinesauce, so I emailed the email address listed in an attempt to get unbanned. I got a message from Vinny, the owner of Vinesauce, telling me no.

Like an idiot, I reuploaded to my second channel "for archiving purposes" and got more hate, a YouTube message from MentalJen (another Vinesauce streamer) and a stern email from Vinny. I quickly deleted that reupload.

I still have that video on my hard drive. I could reupload it, but I won't unless I get permission from MentalJen and Vinny. To this day, I still feel really guilty about it and fully regret it. I will admit that I did not have the best intentions. Even though I was much younger and much less mature, there is absolutely no excuse for my behavior.

So again, I'd like to apologize to Vinesauce, the streamers over at Vinesauce, and the Vinesauce community, for my reckless behaviour. I should of never done it. Thank you for your time.