I'm Leaving Youtube Gaming for Twitch

A while back, I made a post announcing that I was moving from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Well, here I am, announcing that I’m moving back to twitch. What do you expect, I guess?

The reason for me moving back is that Twitch has demonstrated that they actually care and listen to their community. They actually interact with them. There are plenty of features that were requested and then added as a result. YouTube simply does not care about the people who are using their site. They don’t. They pretend to, but they really don’t. Why should they, anyway? They have a monopoly that most likely won’t be broken, and no matter what they do, people won’t move to a competitor.

So with that in mind, I’m going to do one last stream on YouTube Gaming very shortly after this post before moving to twitch. I’m still going to stream on YouTube Gaming occasionally when I want to stream stuff that I can’t stream on Twitch, but that’s about it.

I hope you enjoy my occasional streams regardless of what platform they’re on.