Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is designed to be as clear and transparent as possible, to give an explanation of your privacy using this site, what is done to protect it, how data is collected, and how to opt-out of data collection if you wish. I believe that clarity and transparency is important, especially when it comes to privacy, and that is the reason behind this Privacy Policy. gets basic analytics about site usage through Google Analytics. This information includes:

  • The number of views and clicks on pages on the site.
  • Where the most traffic comes from (mainly by country or US State)
  • When then this traffic occurs
  • Basic information about user demographics (gender, agegroup, etc)
  • "Click paths" or the paths of clicks most commonly taken (Example: Home -> Blog -> About)
  • What kind of browser and operating system you are using.
  • What kind of device you are on.
  • How fast the page loaded

All of this data is anonymized. None of your personal data or your IP Address are transmitted. I cannot access that data. This data is simply used for statistical purposes, so that I can find out more about how my site is performing. If I find out that I am able to get data on specific users, I will either remedy this as soon as possible or discontinue use of google analytics altogether.

For more information on Google Analytics and Privacy, please read the Google Privacy Policy.

Opting out: This site respects and honors Do Not Track (DNT) requests. If you wish to opt-out of data collection, than turn on Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser settings. Once DNT is on, Google Analytics tracking on this site will be disabled.

Last Updated April 28, 2017