Reflecting on 2020

It's no secret that, overall, 2020 has been a terrible year, between COVID-19, incredibly tense elections, unprecedented division, and many other things. However, for me personally, 2020 has actually been quite a mixed year, filled with not only low moments, but some incredibly high moments as well.

The COVID pandemic hit towards the end of my high school year, so I had to spend the rest of my senior year doing my classes online. However, this was also the year that I graduated high school, ending a very tumultuous 4 years of my life. It was also the year that I started attending university and thus was the first year I started living on my own, which was in all honesty way more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I really enjoy living by myself and I enjoy the independence and freedom it gives me.

This year was the year that I, as many others did, hit a low in terms of mental health. Several months of the pandemic this year were incredibly rough, and it was honestly rough getting through it. I have my therapist, and my friends to thank. This was also the year that I made several new friends, friends that I honestly wouldn't be here without. Seriously, I cannot thank my friends enough this year. You all are all so amazing and I truly love every single one of you.

This was also the year that took me to new heights in terms of my career, particularly with the Quackity Full Streams channel I've ran since 2017 becoming official and being rebranded to QuackityVODS. Having a fan project I've run for years become official and getting to work with a large creator that I've watched for years and immensely respect is truly an honor and a dream come true. Working with Quackity has been amazing and I thank him for the opportunity to work with him on this channel and various other things.

This was also the year that my mental health significantly improved, later in the year. I don't know what exactly what caused this, but it's likely a combination of the new friends I've made, new opportunities I've had, going off to college and getting to live on my own, getting to really know myself better, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting.

Like I mentioned earlier, I couldn't of made it here without my friends, whether we've met recently or I've known them a long time. So thanks to these people for really making my year:

VoyVivika - Seriously just being an incredibly awesome friend. We've chatted a lot this year, and I could not ask for a better friend. Thank you so so much for becoming my friend, being someone I can be open with and for putting up with my bullshit. You're the best.

Chase88 - Thank you so much for sticking by after all these years, and for putting up with all my bullshit.

Net - Another new friend. Thank you for being my friend, being a positive force I didn't know I needed, and for just being around.

The OverSimplified Discord Moderation Team - A group of some truly amazing people. You all are so talented, so amazing, and I'm so glad and honored that I get to work with you all.

Everyone that enjoys what I do - Thank you to everyone that's followed me, appreciated, or just enjoyed what I do online. Being able to create something that you enjoy is very special to me.

Quackity - We're more business associates but thank you for making QuackityVODS an official thing and for deciding to give me this wonderful opportunity. I've watched your stuff for years and you've always been thoroughly entertaining and one of my favorite creators. Thank you so very much.

Here's to hoping that 2021 is better. Happy new years everyone!