retroity has been redesigned!


As of today, has a brand new design! I've been working on this redesign on and off for the last two weeks, and today I finally finished and released it. One thing that you'll notice is that it's a lot more simplistic than the previous design. For example, the front page, blog post list, and about page are now merged into one page. This is so distractions, clutter, etc is reduced while condensing the content. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you like it.

This redesign is a complete rewrite of the entire site. While the previous site used a themed version of Bootstrap 3.3.7 acquired from, this version uses an experimental CSS framework known as Element, which was made by the fine folks over Neocities, the same company that hosts this site. I've played around with Element since it was posted to Github, using it for RetroPage, and have found it to suit my needs really well, so I decided to use it in Element is really easy to work with, much more so than Bootstrap, and it's (albeit sparse) documentation helped quite a bit. I've made as little modifications as I can to Element, instead opting to make all my changes in a second CSS file.

Personally, I found making this redesign to be really fun. Trying to write the styling for this site in a way that works with Element's existing styling was a good challenge.

Please note that because this redesign just launched, there may still be some kinks to work out. If there are, please let me know. Thanks!