Russia Can't Block Telegram

On April 13, 2018 a Russian court ordered telegram to be blocked. Now, Russia is trying to implement that ban, and it isn't working. As a result, Telegram moved to Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Services in an attempt to bypass the ban. That seems to be working, as Russia is now trying to block IPs belonging to AWS and GCP in an attempt to block telegram. So far, Russia has blocked over 15.8 million IP addresses in an attempt to ban Telegram. This has caused lots of collateral damage, resulting in credit card services, some banks, games, grocery store sites, viber, and other such services to stop working, while Telegram is somehow still functioning.

I find it both hilarious and ridiculous that Russia is trying this hard to ban Telegram and is failing this hard. Perhaps this is a bit much for a single app, no? I honestly wonder how far the Russian government will go.