My Thoughts on The Recent Steam Incident and Why The Blind Praising of Valve Needs to Stop.

If you haven’t already heard what happened with Steam yet, than check out this article.

So recently, the incident that you should of read about in the link above just hit Steam and was then resolved. This was apparently the result of a misconfiguration. I thought I’d give my thoughts on the whole thing.

So Valve, before this, has been pushing all sorts of “security changes” like Steam Escrow and the Steam Mobile Authenticator (Basically 2 factor authentication). So Steam should be pretty secure, right? Well, than why did this happen, and more importantly: How did Valve let this happen?

Look, Valve is not a company that “is for the people”. Valve is not some magical company that can only do good and can’t do no wrong. Stuff like that is far from the truth. Valve is a 3 billion dollar company. A company with the purpose to make money. On top of this: Gabe Newell (Gaben) is not your friend. He is not a magical person who only wants to do good for everyone. He’s the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. The constant Gaben and Valve praising needs to stop. Valve should be treated like any other games company. They make good games and a great service, but outside of that, they are a normal games company. We need to get rid of the stigma that Valve/Steam = PC gaming, because its only going to harm PC gaming in the end. There are plenty of other services out there.

Look, we are not limited to one service. We have many other gaming distribution platforms out there like GOG. I’m not saying that everyone should all stop using Steam altogether, but we need to treat Valve like a normal games company.