The Greatest Video Game Bundle Ever is Just $5

Update: The bundle sale has ended! It's raised $8.1m dollars, all going to a great cause!

You might think from reading the title of this post that I'm being hyperbolic, but I can assure you that I am not. This is legitimately one of the best video game bundles, if not one of the best video game deals, to ever exist. I'm talking about's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which is a bundle of 1,427 items (and counting) from 1125 creators. In addition to tons of niche or obscure indie titles, it also includes some very well known indie titles such as Night in The Woods, OneShot, Super Hexagon, Speed Dating for Ghosts, Nuclear Throne, Celeste, and more. It's also not just games, but plenty of asset packs and guides for games developers as well. According to, these games normally cost around $7,891 dollars, yet this bundle is offered at a minimum price of $5 (you can pay more if you wish). All proceeds are split 50/50 between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. The bundle is available for purchase through June 15th.

It cannot be understated how much of an incredible offer this is. It is, without a doubt, the best video game deal I've ever seen. If you have $5 to spare, I highly encourage you to purchase it. Not only are you getting nearly 1.5K titles, but the proceeds also go to a great cause. Don't pass this up.