Thoughts on The New Reddit App

So, I’m a very big Alien Blue user. It’s my primary Reddit app and I’ve had pro for a very long time. But now, Reddit has discontinued Alien Blue in favor of a official multi platform simply titled “Reddit” Reddit is quite interesting in terms of mobile because it’s never had an official app. So here’s my thoughts on it now that I’ve played around with it.


  • Nice Design
  • Came with 3 months of Reddit Gold, which is nice (Alien Blue pro gave me 4 years but ok)
  • Multiplatform for once


  • No way to organize subreddits
  • Little to no moderation features
  • No horizontal tablet support (This is for the android version, I don’t know about the iOS version)
So it’s ok. I’m gonna stick to alien blue for a while, at least until it matures a bit more and gets more features.