Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Presentation

So the Nintendo Switch presentation happened recently and I thought I’d give my thoughts. Here goes.

Generally, the Switch seems pretty cool. I’m really excited about the whole concept of taking console games on the go. The fact that they managed to get the battery life of a 3DS with much more powerful hardware is very impressive. 3 hours of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild gameplay might seem short, but for me, that’s pretty impressive. I also like the fact that it’s region free, so if a game doesn’t come to the US I can just import it. I’m also super happy about the Micro-SDXC card storage option, as that gives me the ability to expand the storage to 256+ GBs (which is a lot for a Nintendo console).

Now, here’s my thoughts on the games:

I’m very excited that Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is a launch title. I think LOZ: BOTW is probably going to end up being the big killer app that the switch really needs. I’m really looking forward to it.

I like the idea of Super Mario Odyssey, and I’m really curious to see how Nintendo explores the idea of Mario in different locations. I’ll definitely keep an eye of it.

I love Splatoon and Mario Kart, so I’m super excited that Splatoon2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which wasn’t shown in the presentation, oddly enough) are coming, but I’m disappointed that they’re not launch titles.

ARMS is certainly a very interesting game. I like the idea as it’s the perfect blend of weird and fun in a true Nintendo fashion. I’m curious to see how the gameplay’s actually like, however.

I’ve never played Xenoblade, so maybe Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be my first game in the series, as I’ve heard really good things about the first.

As for Fire Emblem Warriors, I’m generally uninterested in Fire Emblem, so I don’t have a real opinion on this one.

Sonic Mania looks very good, as the idea of a classic-style Sonic The Hedgehog game with new mechanics and worlds to shake things up really appeals to me. When it was announced, I was really disappointed that it appeared to not be coming to the Switch, but now that it’s officially coming to the Switch, I’m really excited for it. I’ll probably be getting Sonic Mania, with my platform of choice being the Switch.

1-2 Switch looks to be the Switch’s own Wii Sports (or Nintendo Land). It’s a game that’s designed to appeal to everyone and show off the system’s capabilities. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy it, however. It just doesn’t seem like a game for me. I will keep an eye on it as more info and gameplay comes out however.

One thing I’d like to note is that I think Nintendo spent way too much time on 1-2 Switch and ARMS during the presentation. So much so that Mario Kart Deluxe and several other details were not even mentioned due to time constraints. It got a bit annoying at times. Probably my biggest complaint out of this whole presentation is the fact that the online services cost money. Nintendo has never been a company to charge for online, so it feels odd that they’re doing this now. One of the things that I love about the Wii U is that online functionality like playing with people is completely free. I don’t have to make any sort of commitment to Nintendo’s online services. I can just play, stop playing for a while, and then come back and play some more. I can’t do that with the Switch. If I spend the money on the online services, I may stop playing and then feel like I’m wasting my money. If I don’t pay, I may feel like I’m missing out. In addition, Nintendo doesn’t have the best track record on things like online stability and security, so I’m concerned that I may be paying for a bad service. I also don’t like the “free NES/SNES game every month for a month” part. The sentence “free NES/SNES game every month for a month” is confusing, as I don’t know if it means that there’s a free game every month that’s only available for download for that month but I can keep it as long as I pay for online, or if it’s month-long online rentals of old video games that have been re-released over and over. It’s really concerning so I’m hoping that Nintendo does their best to make the online worth it.

But overall, it was a generally OK presentation. Some things interested me, some didn’t, and some things concerned me. I’m looking forward to the Switch.